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R. L. Craig, Incorporated
6496 State Route 45 Lisbon, Ohio 44432

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Nick Bell

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Jason Green

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John Glenn

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Phone: (330) 424-1525
Fax: (330) 424-0763

Brief Synopsis

We offer our conveyors in a variety of widths and lengths. They can be purchased as integrated systems or independently for various labeling and product handling uses. Solid design and construction qualify R. L. Craig conveyors as one of the best in the industry and one of the most reliable. Our conveyors are available with support bases that include double locking casters or with steel support legs with floor mounting holes.

R. L. Craig labeling applicator support stands are available in many styles as well. The standard support stand is anodized aluminum and powder coated steel, but it is also available in complete stainless steel.

Custom configurations for the support base and vertical mounts are available as well.

R. L. Craig does NOT manufacture or sell label applicators, but we can give you a list of our customers who sell our equipment and manufacture or represent a labeling applicator.

Product Handling Machinery Manufactured

•Plastic Chain & Belt Conveyors
•Low Profile Belt Conveyors
•Round Product Labeling Systems
•Front/Back Labeling Systems
•Servo Indexing Conveyor Systems
•Label Orientating Labeling System
•Label Applicator Support Stands

A Company is Born

In July of 1993, Skip Craig recognized a growing need for quality T-Base stands. After investing in manufacturing equipment, painting equipment, custom tooling and a small amount of computer equipment, R. L. Craig, Inc. was formed with the idea of creating a one stop solution for label applicator manufacturers and distributors.

At the inception of the business, the only product R. L. Craig offered was a welded together T-Base with a 54" extrusion that had an aluminum roller sliding mechanism. This was priced competitively, but the manufacturing process was too time-consuming. After researching different materials, R. L. Craig produced a new sliding mechanism that was more cost-effective along with being easier to use and this is the stand that you see today. This new stand was on the market in the winter of 1993 and has become the backbone of R. L. Craig's business. With the increased efficiency of manufacturing this new stand, R. L. Craig was able to concentrate on developing more aspects of their business. The next product to be designed and tested was the patent pending conveyor design. This design allows for easy adjustment of guide railing, sensors, secondary wipe down mechanisms, wrap stations, product aligners, control panels and many other items.

Over the years, R. L. Craig has increased their product lines to include conveyors, product handling equipment, custom bracketry and other industry standard products. They have experienced engineers that are fully capable of PLC controls, servo control of conveyors and product handling systems.
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Engineering Innovations

How many engineers does it take to design a conveyor? Here at R. L. Craig, it takes five. That's right, five. With three mechanical engineers and two electrical engineers, we let nothing slip through the cracks. Utilizing AutoCAD LT 2004, our trained and experienced engineering staff design everything in house. Using AutoDesk Inventor 5, two-dimensional drawings can easily be brought to life as a three-dimensional representation. Our engineering team designs everything from your standard "Wizard T-Base Stand" to your completely custom integrated conveyor system.
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Picture Perfect

Whether you need photographs, videos, or operating manuals, R. L. Craig, Incorporated is committed to ALL of your documentation/marketing needs. From redesigning the website, to putting together sales tools for customers, the marketing department is continually looking to improve upon processes. We understand that in today's economy, nothing is an "easy sale," so let us help you in whatever way possible. Please contact Sales/Marketing for more information.
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Putting it Together

Whether its putting together applicator stands or full system conveyors, our knowledgeable and expedient assembly team works hard to get the job done in a timely fashion. Having two separate departments for assembly makes for fast delivery and consistent construction. Both the applicator stand department and conveyor system department take great pride in their work to ensure high quality, consistently built components.
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End Work Zone

After breaking ground on July 6th, 2004, "Phase 3" of R. L. Craig's expansion project was set into motion. The 7,700 square foot addition was completed in early November of 2004, making for a total of 23,000 square feet to facilitate R. L. Craig and it's employees. The entire building houses an accounting office, engineering group, T-Base Stand/Conveyor Assembly Team Departments, expanded machine shop, and the newly added powder coating department.
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We've Got the Powder

With the demand of powder coating being so prominent at R. L. Craig, it only made sense to purchase our own painting booths and ovens. Now located on site, powder coating has never been easier. No more driving an hour and a half to drop off and pick up parts...Now it is in house and ready to go. This just goes to show that R. L. Craig is continually looking to improve upon processes that may speed up delivery.
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On the Right Track

Whether it's adding additional departments, more employees, creating additional workspace, powder coating in-house, or designing cost effective solutions, it just goes to show that R. L. Craig is continually committed to its customers.

The company continues to grow, currently working on revamping its website. And although the needs of the customers have changed and the product line has expanded and evolved over the years, R. L. Craig is still guided by the basic principles which have guided the company from inception:

• Sell the best product available.
• Price the product fairly.
• Get the product to the customer in a timely fashion.
• Treat the customer as we would want to be treated.

By following these basic guidelines and listening to the customers' needs, R. L. Craig is quickly becoming the one stop solution for label applicator manufacturers and distributors.
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